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Top 5 Enrichment Toys of the SitStaySnack Squad

A major key to the mental health of our pups is regular enrichment in addition to allowing them to engage in their innate behaviors! By providing regular enrichment activities we are giving our pups activities that provide physical, emotional, and mental satisfaction keeping them more calm and happy! 

So, we wanted to provide a list of enrichment toys which you can pair with our SitStaySnack products! We turned to our SitStaySnack squad and asked what everyone’s favorite enrichment toys were and below is what we learned. We urge you to explore your local pet stores for any of these options but have provided links to where you can purchase them online just in case.

Let us know what you think and which toys are your favorite!


Bob A Lot 

A great toy that our SitStaySnack training bites fit into! This treat dispensing toy has several levels for treat dispensing and ways for you to make the experience as simple or challenging as your pup needs. The game will keep your pup engaged and happy as they bob it around to get their SitStaySnack treats out!

Buy it on Chewy here


A fun toy that can be pulled open to resemble a bobble toy our kept in its dome shape for more advanced treat dispensing engagement we definitely recommend this toy for any pup out there looking for a fun way to pass time! Perfect for any of our snacks (training bites or snack sizes) your pup will be engaged and wildly excited to play with this toy! Plus it comes in so many fun colors.

Buy it on Chewy here

Westpaw Toppls

A fun snack toy that can stand alone or be coupled with a smaller pal to make an enclosed and more challenging snack dispenser. You can replace the regular boring dinner bowl with a toppl and make meal times engaging and fun!

Buy it on Chewy here


A fun way to keep your pup engaged for a long period of time, perfect for bath time or keeping you company during an outdoor dining experience or picnic! You just grab some peanut butter, yogurt, or soak your SitStaySnacks in some broth and smear it across the mat for a fun and engaging experience for your pup!

Buy it on Chewy here


Classic engagement and chew toy that comes in different durability levels for puppies, adult dogs, and tough chewers! You can hold SitStaySnack treats in the middle with peanut butter or yogurt for a fun difference in texture, and freeze it if you want to keep your pup engaged for longer or cool them down on a warm day!

Buy it on Chewy here

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